The hashtag says, ‘This is something you need to have your attention drawn to right at this moment,’ and ‘This is something you can get involved with and be associated with and show your support for. It’s like a call to action.

Ruth Page, University of Leicester Professor, in the viral wake of #BringBackOurGirls.

"How #Hashtags Became The Raised Fist Of Punctuation."

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Obama, Rihanna, Snoop Respond to Clippers Owner’s Alleged Racist Rant

 Former owner of the LA Clippers Donald Sterling is called out by President Obama, Rihanna, and Snoop dog through social media outlets concerning the alleged racist remarks.

The rant aired by TMZ, began a social media craze  on Instagram and Twitter, with negative remarks towards Sterling ,and  the #boycottClippers trending on twitter. Obama referred to sterling’s act as ignorant and wishes move forward in  teach kids otherwise.


Tweet Constantly:

-Tweeting a lot is never a problem.

- Do not tweet about nothing because people won’t care.

-  Focus on your circle of followers and find common ground within your circle.

Filtering your followers:

-You don’t have to follow everyone back who follows your account.

- Target the individuals who listen to your tweet,

- You will know who they are because they will be the ones to favorite, Re-tweet or mention you.


Taking Initiative:

-  Start talking to your audience, start up a conversation

-  This gives your brand/business exposure

-  Let your followers know u care, refer to them whenever you get the chance.


  • Tweeters overlook using hash tags
  • They allow you to reach a larger audience beyond your followers.
  • You only have 140 characters so limit it to 2 hash tags because then it becomes too much.
  • Use common Hash tags like: #FF #TGIF  (Follow Friday, Thank god it’s Friday) just to have their attention
  • Twitter facts:
  • The first tweet was sent in 2006 –by co-founder jack Dorsey saying “just setting up my twitter”
  • Daniel Knight 1st person to be prosecuted for tweeting (2009) “wanted a war against US GOV threatened to decapitate cops
Independant study :HOOTSUITE- Making life easier

  • Facilitating  management of social networks
  • Scheduling Posts
  • Linking  Social Platforms
  • Advertising efficiently

Hootsuite allows tyou to manage multiple social networks at once and you can schedule hours, days, or event months in advance to advertise efficiently.

LIVE STREAM DISPLAY on the hootsuite account

How to post: It may seem overwhelming at first but play with it browse throught the options and different buttons and you’ll get the hang of it.


Heres a before and after of the enactus profile.

Independant Study: Enactus

On Twitter i took similar steps to renew the inactive account :

  • Updated Profile Information  and design
  • Networked with other College Enactus chapters , leading to the National Expo
  • Information dissemination
  • Tweet tips